Delivery of an anchorhandling captain for International Transport Contractors (ITC) Heemstede

The first assignment for Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) to deliver an anchorhandling captain was for International Transport Contractors (ITC) of Heemstede. On the anchorhandling tug Typhoon a captain was needed from September to December 2011.

When captain Jan van der Sluis joined the vessel, he found the 1976 built Typhoon in the same good shape as he left her 11 years earlier. The Typhoon was operating  from Den Helder on the offshore spot market; available for assistance in the offshore or anywhere required.

Shortly after joining the vessel, the Typhoon left port for the rig move of the Seafox-2, a jack-up rig located on the Dutch continental shelf. The rig move was carried out by Offshore Marine Contractors (OMC). It proved to be an extensive move, with anchor handling operations including inserting midline buoys, extension anchor wires, and piggy back anchors, as well as towing and static tow operations. The Seafox-2 had to be towed out and towed in to locations on very short distance to existing offshore structures, causing the Typhoon to be in close quarter situations while maneuvering the rig in its final position.

Back in Den Helder, a Mayday signal of the coaster Vechtborg, with engine trouble offshore Texel in wind force 8, was picked up. The Typhoon steamed for salvage of the Vechtborg, but the job of safely returning the vessel to port was unfortunately assigned to another tug.

Other operations with the Typhoon were the rigmoves of the jack-up rigs Noble Lynda Bossler, the Noble Al White and another with the Seafox-2 again. All jobs were carried out to the full satisfaction of the client.