AMS to deliver a consultant to Bluewater Energy Services (BES) from Hoofddorp (the Netherlands)

The very first assignment for Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) was to deliver a consultant to Bluewater Energy Services (BES) from Hoofddorp.

Bluewater Energy Services owns and operates several Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)units. An FPSO is a complex offshore installation. It can be seen as a hybrid form of a vessel and an offshore installation. When sailing, the FPSO is considered to be a ship, on production location the FPSO is considered to be an offshore platform. Sailing, the international Rules and Regulations for shipping apply. On production location, the local Coastal state Rules and Regulations apply. Various regulations have an overlap, others are conflicting.

Bluewater Energy Services had most of the information available but needed one document with the information verified and bundled together. The document was to reflect all certificates and documents to be on board of an FPSO in the various operational modes . The document had to give a clear overview of certificates related to the applicable regulations with a short explanation. The document had to be easy to use for internal purposes and after implementation in the Bluewater quality management system to be representative to third parties such as Class, Flag State, Coastal State and clients.

Aquarius Marine Services proved to be the perfect candidate for the job.  Maritime regulations consultant Jan van der Sluis, with a background as Netherlands Flagstate Inspector and Lloyds’Register Surveyor, delivered a clear and useful document, according Bluewater specifications within the requested timeframe to full satisfaction of the client.