Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) delivered a superintendent for dry-docking of the anchorhandling supply tug Boulder

Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) was asked to deliver a superintendent by International Transport Contractors (ITC) of Heemstede, for the dry-docking of the anchorhandling supply tug Boulder in the course of February 2012.

The Boulder was working with the pipe laying barge Castoro-6  in the Baltic and suffered side thruster problems. To enable full maneuverability the bow thruster had to be repaired. As the control system was checked earlier, the Boulder had now to be dry-docked to investigate the underwater parts of the bow thrusters. The Marpro repair yard in Gdynia was assigned to dock the vessel.  ITC took the opportunity to carry out steel repairs from previous bulwark damage as well.

Together with a Rolls Royce technician, the side thrusters were opened up, serviced and tested. In the meantime the yard replaced large parts of port bulwark and various small repairs were carried out. A lot of money could be saved by straightening large parts of the bulwark instead of replacing it for new. Repairs were carried to the satisfaction of DNV class.

On Friday afternoon just before sailing, the Gdynia Port State Control (PSC) carried out an inspection of the certificates and found out that a certificate was missing. This certificate should be on board due to new regulations, however the Netherlands flag (NSI)could not be deliver it yet and had issued a general statement for this matter. This statement was not acceptable for PSC and additional documentation had to be obtained. Contact was made with the NSI and just before closure of the local PSC office the PSC granted permission to sail. After 10 days of repairs the vessel sailed from Gdynia within the timeframe, with  a working bow thruster and a Condition of Class lifted.