Advice Maritime Legislation

Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) can deliver a consultant maritime regulations with a vast experience in the field of international maritime regulations and classification rules for existing ships and ships newbuilding.  

Over the past years the amount of maritime regulations has increased enormously. The frequency in which new regulations or supplements to existing regulations are being implemented by the IMO is steadily increasing. Further it is noticed that the knowledge and experience in the shipping industry is rapidly decreasing. Knowledge of regulations and surveys is sometimes hard to find. The risk of a ship being held in port after an inspection from Port State Control or a survey from Class with a list of deficiencies is growing.  The costs of having a vessel to remain in port, or to have a class surveyor to return to the vessel, are not in line with the costs to be made by having somebody on board to check the vessel and instruct the ships crew every now and then.

AMS can support the client by inventorying regulations, checking drawings, inspecting or surveying ships and contact with Classification societies, Flag states and PSC. Carrying outof the work will be fully as required by the client. AMS has liaised itself to other reliable consultants maritime regulations resolving in a certain continuity.

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