Anchorhandling Captain

Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) can deliver an anchorhandling captain with a vast experience in the field of towage and anchorhandling at rigmoves of semi-subs en jack-ups, pipelaying barges and crane barges.

It is proven difficult to find suitable personnel for the shipping industry. Especially for specialized offshore activities such as anchorhandling, where knowledge can only be obtained by experience. During anchorhandling, it is often required to maneuver on the spot under mostly difficult circumstances. In addition to that, knowledge of working with wires and anchors is necessary to be able to work safely. Safe working is important because an accident is quickly occurred and the people on deck are the weak link depending largely on the skills of the captain.

Anchor handling comes in many variations; working with a crane barge can not be compared with a rigmove of a jack-up, or a pipe laying barge or the rig move of a semi-sub. The used materials like wires and anchors have their own characteristics, water depth, current and wind force are contributing factors to the job and furthermore each ship has its own possibilities and restrictions.

Aquarius Marine Services can fill a temporarily gap in crewing on board or deliver specific offshore experience lacking on board. Carrying outof the work will be fully as required by the client. Aquarius Marine Service is working together with other reliable self-employed anchorhandling captains.

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