Newbuilding Supervisor

Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) can deliver a supervisor for ships newbuilding with a vast knowledge and experience in the field of newbuilding and refitting of various ship types. 

A proper newbuilding supervision is very important. Often only the costs are counted, but with serious new building supervision a lot of costs could be saved. The better a ship is delivered by the yard, the less costs are to be expected during the lifetime of a ship. Many defects appearing only after a longer period are to be contributed to faults during the building process. If these faults would have been timely detected and solved, they would not have become defects in a later stage. Defects of which the costs are often after a longer period of use can not be claimed at the shipyard.

The idea that the class surveyor will filter out all important faults is not for real. The Classification Society Rules and International Regulations only sets minimum requirements. A lot of items important for the owner are not in the interest of Class. Furthermore the Classification Societies often have a limited budget for newbuilding, not contributing in maximum attendance of the surveyor.

Aquarius Marine Services can offer support as newbuilding supervisor or fill a gap in the workforce temporarily. Carrying outof the work will be fully as required by the client. Aquarius Marine Service is liaised to other reliable self-employed newbuilding supervisors resolving in a certain continuity.

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