Ship Surveys

Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) can deliver an independent surveyor with a vast knowledge and experience of carrying out various surveys and inspections on board of a wide range of ship types. The focus of the survey will be ascertained in close cooperation with the client. Examples are:  pre-class surveys and technical surveys like; on-hire surveys, aankoop surveys, damage surveys  en towage approval inspection. 

Pre-class survey

Pre-class survey is a survey which should be carried out before the periodical class survey (Annual Survey, Periodical Survey, Intermediate Survey and Special Survey or Renewal Survey)in where the status of a ship and its maintenance will be ascertained. The survey can be carried out with a class survey checklist. Possible outstanding repairs and maintenance can be carried out before the class survey and  the crew will automatically be trained before the class survey. The advantage is that actual class survey will be passing smoothly and the class surveyor has an opportunity to shorten the survey duration. This could resolve in considerable reduction of survey costs because additional –costly- hours of the class surveyor for, lets say repairs, normally outside the scope of a contract with class, can be prevented.

Buy survey

Buy survey is a survey when a ship is to be bought. It is a way to ascertain the status of a ship with regards to repairs and maintenance. A buy survey by an expert can reveal hidden deficiencies or substandard maintenance. Doing so, the expected costs in the near future can be ascertained.

On-hire survey / off-hire survey

An on-hire survey  gives the state of a ship when going in charter. The off-hire survey reflects the state of a vessel when redelivered.

Towage approval inspection

Towage approval inspection is an inspection carried out on board of the tug and tow in advance of a towage voyage.  It is a profound way to check if the crew of a tugboat carried out all the necessary precautions for a safe ocean passage of the tug and tow.

Damage and repair survey

Damage and repair survey can ascertain the extent of a damage and possible repairs as well as the r costs and methods for repairs.

Aquarius Marine Services can deliver tailored services and will use the in-house expertise to advise the client to the optimum about costs to be expected, maintenance to be carried out and work carried out by third parties. The scopeof survey will be fully as required by the client. AMS has liaised itself with other reliable self-employed surveyors resolving in a certain continuity.

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