Aquarius Marine Services can deliver a superintendent or project manager with a vast knowledge and experience in the field of maintenance and repairs of ships technical installations, dry-docking, surveys, steel repairs and conserving.  

If required by the client, the superintendent takes care of budgets and timeframe of the repair or maintenance period and makes proposals for the jobs to be carried out. Further he controls the yard, subcontractors, suppliers and ships crew, also monitors the progress and quality of the job, drafts reporting and maintains contact with third parties such as Class, Flag state and Port State Control.

Because companies are mostly sailing with foreign officers, the quality and continuity of qualified personnel has become a serious issue. The load with regards to maintenance and defects weighs more on the shoulders of the superintendents. More work is often to be shared with less people.

Aquarius Marine Services can offer a shipping company the right technical support by delivery of a superintendent. Carrying outof the work will be fully as required by the client. Aquarius Marine Service has liaised itself to other reliable self-employed superintendents and repair companies resolving in a certain continuity.

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