Aquarius Marine Services (AMS) can provide a towmaster, captain advisor or company representative  with extensive knowledge and  skills as captain or master mariner in the field of towing and anchorhandling with rigmoves, (semisubs & jack-ups), pipelaying barges and crane barges. A towmaster able to hand over his knowledge and experience to others with clear motivations.

From the past on a tow master is the responsible person during a complex tow transport  with multiple tugs or anchor handlers. A good example is a towmaster during a rig move or tow-out. An increasing amount of companies in towage and offshore industry are installing a tow master or client representative on board of their chartered ships. The tow master represents the client on board of a tugboat or anchorhandler. It is a profound way to resolve quality and continuity of operations. The tow master advises a tugboat captain when he is lacking specific experience at complex assignments or transports, or when communication over the radio proves to be difficult. The tow master can thus prevent  damage to equipment and lost time to operations if the crew -of an otherwise good ship- are not able to carry out the job. Furthermore with assigning a tow master, a client has a representative in the vicinity who can supply unfiltered information about the progress of projects or transports, the way the job is carried out, if procedures are followed as required etc. When problems do arise, a towmaster can act timely to prevent things to go for the worst.

Aquarius Marine Services can support a company with the delivery of a towmaster, captain advisor or company representative to control the vessels in the towage and offshore industry. Carrying outof the work will be fully as required by the client. Aquarius Marine Service is working together with other reliable self-employed towmasters resolving in a certain continuity.

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